What effect does the length of the FRP pultrusion mold have on the profile?

Nov / 25 / 2023
Zhongsheng Pultrusion Mold
Zhongsheng Pultrusion Mold

As a leading manufacturer of FRP pultrusion molds, Zhongsheng Pultrusion Mold has a deep understanding of the relationship between mold length and profile quality. In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

How mold length affects the profile's dimensional accuracy
How mold length affects the profile's mechanical properties
How mold length affects the profile's surface finish

Dimensional accuracy

The mold length is a major factor that determines the dimensional accuracy of the profile. If the mold is too short, the fibers may not have enough time to fully cure before they are ejected from the mold. This can lead to dimensional inaccuracies, such as warpage, shrinkage, and deviation from the specified dimensions.

Mechanical properties

The mold length also affects the mechanical properties of the profile. If the mold is too short, the fibers may not be fully impregnated with resin. This can lead to reduced strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.

Surface finish

The mold length also affects the surface finish of the profile. If the mold is too short, the fibers may not be fully aligned. This can lead to a rough or uneven surface finish.


To ensure the highest quality profiles, it is important to choose a mold length that is appropriate for the specific application. The following factors should be considered when determining the optimal mold length:

The complexity of the profile
The desired dimensional accuracy
The required mechanical properties
The desired surface finish

Case study

Zhongsheng Pultrusion Mold recently produced a mold for a company that manufactures FRP pipes. The pipe was 100 cm long and had a wall thickness of 5 mm. The mold was 90 cm long to ensure that the fibers had enough time to fully cure and the pipe had the desired dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties.

The company was very satisfied with the results. The pipes were produced to the specified dimensions and had the required strength and stiffness. The surface finish was also smooth and uniform.



The mold length is an important factor that must be considered when designing and manufacturing FRP pultrusion molds. By choosing the correct mold length, you can ensure that your profiles meet your quality requirements.

Additional information

In addition to mold length, there are other factors that can affect the profile quality of FRP pultrusion products. These factors include:

The type of fiber used
The type of resin used
The temperature and pressure of the pultrusion process

Zhongsheng Pultrusion Mold has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of FRP pultrusion molds. We can help you select the right mold length and other parameters to meet your specific needs.

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