FRP Tube Pulrrusion Mould

120*50mm FRP Rectangular Tube Pulrrusion Mould
  • 120*50mm FRP Rectangular Tube Pulrrusion Mould
  • FRP Rectangular Tube Pulrrusion Mould
  • FRP Rectangular Tube Pulrrusion Mould

120*50mm FRP Rectangular Tube Pulrrusion Mould

FRP pultrusion mould is used for producing the FRP profiles such as rod, Round tube, Rectangular tube, beam, frame and etc. The mould is fixed on the FRP pultrusion machine, through roving and resin pultrusion process, the FRP profile is shaped on the mou

Executive standard

Straightness: 0.02mm Smoothness: Ra=0.025~0.012 Cavity surface hardness: < 0.02mm Boundary tolerances: ±0.3mm Plating thickness: 0.04-0.05mm Provide Customized Services

FRP Rectangular Tube Pultrusion Mold is a mold for the production of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) pipes. It uses the pultrusion process to pull out the fiber material containing resin through a heated mold to form a pipe with a certain cross-sectional shape and size. FRP pipe has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, insulation, fire prevention, etc., and is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, construction, transportation and other fields.

The working principle of FRP Rectangular Tube Pultrusion Mold is as follows:

1. Fibrous material (such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.) is unwound from the reel and fed into the resin impregnation tank through the guide device.
2. Pass the impregnated fiber material through the preforming device, arrange it into the desired shape, and send it into the mold.
3. In the mold, the fiber material is subjected to heat and pressure, the resin changes from a liquid to a gel, and finally solidifies into a hard plastic.
4. Under the pulling force of the pulling device, the cured FRP pipe is pulled out from the mold and cut into the required length by a cutting saw.

The performance and parameters of FRP Rectangular Tube Pultrusion Mold mainly depend on the following factors:

Fiber material: Different types and contents of fiber materials will affect the physical properties of FRP pipes such as strength, stiffness, and weight. Generally, the higher the fiber content, the higher the strength and the lighter the weight. Commonly used fiber materials are glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, etc.
Resin system: Different types and ratios of resin systems will affect the chemical properties of FRP pipes such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. In general, the more stable the resin system, the better the durability. Commonly used resin systems are polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, epoxy resins, etc.
Mold: Different shapes and sizes of molds will affect the cross-sectional shape and size of FRP pipes, as well as the molding speed and quality. Generally, the more precise the mold, the more uniform the molding and the higher the efficiency.

Frp Pultrusion mold Parameters and Execution Standards

Mold name FRP Rectangular Tube Pultrusion Mold
Specification 120*50mm (Can be customized)
Material 40Cr, P20, Cr12, 38CrMoAI, H13 (optional)
Cavity Surface Treatment Quenching and tempering, quenching, hard chrome plating, nitriding
Cavity hardness HRC55-60
Applicable resin Unsaturated polyester, vinyl resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, polyurethane
Straightness 0.02mm
Smoothness Ra=0.025~0.012
Cavity surface hardness < 0.02mm
Boundary tolerances ±0.3mm
Plating thickness 0.04-0.05mm

Production Process

  • Engineer mould design

    Engineer mould design

  • Profile mould debugging

    Profile mould debugging

  • Rough embryo leveling

    Rough embryo leveling

  • Mold CNC machining

    Mold CNC machining

  • Mould punching

    Mould punching

  • Surface grinding

    Surface grinding

  • Cavity inner wall polishing

    Cavity inner wall polishing

  • Mold chrome

    Mold chrome


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