Fiberglass Rebar

Fiberglass rebar
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Fiberglass rebar

Fiberglass rebar, also known as FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) or GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rebar, is a composite material made of fiberglass r

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Fiberglass rebar, also known as FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) or GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rebar, is a composite material made of fiberglass roving and resin. It is designed as a superior alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement, especially in applications that require high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, non-conductivity and light weight. 

Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Rebar

Stronger: Fiberglass rebar has up to 2x the tensile strength compared to steel rebar of the same diameter.

Lighter: Fiberglass rebar is up to 7x lighter than steel rebar in concrete flatwork applications and 4x lighter than steel rebar of the same diameter. This reduces the transportation, handling and installation costs and improves the safety and efficiency of the workers.

Rustproof: Fiberglass rebar will never corrode, even in harsh environments such as marine, coastal, chemical or saltwater exposure. This eliminates the need for costly maintenance, repairs or replacements and extends the service life of the concrete structures. Fiberglass rebar is estimated to last over 100 years.

Non-conductive: Fiberglass rebar is electrically and thermally non-conductive, which prevents electrochemical reactions, galvanic corrosion and thermal expansion. It also does not interfere with magnetic fields or radar frequencies, making it suitable for applications such as MRI rooms, power plants, airports or military facilities.

Code-approved: Fiberglass rebar meets the physical and mechanical requirements of ASTM D7957 material standards and is approved for residential building code in the US. 

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Performance and Specification Table of Fiberglass Rebar

The following table shows the typical properties of fiberglass rebar according to ASTM D7957 standards. The actual values may vary depending on the manufacturer and the product.

Bar Size Nominal Diameter (mm) Cross Sectional Area (mm²) Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa) Ultimate Tensile Load (kN) Modulus of Elasticity (GPa)
#2 6.4 32.2 1034 33.3 46.9
#3 9.5 71.3 1034 73.7 46.9
#4 12.7 127.6 1034 131.9 46.9
#5 15.9 199.6 1034 206.3 46.9
#6 19.1 287.0 1034 296.8 46.9
#7 22.2 387.1 1034 400.0 46.9
#8 25.4 508.0 1034 525.3 46.9



How to Use Fiberglass Rebar

Fiberglass rebar can be used in various concrete reinforcement applications, such as:

·  Parking lots
·  Sidewalks
·  Patios
·  Pool decks
·  Driveways
·  Bridge decks
·  Barriers
·  Seawalls
·  Balconies
·  And more


Fiberglass rebar can be installed using similar methods and equipment as steel rebar, with some modifications to account for its different properties.

Some tips for using fiberglass rebar are:

Use appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and masks when handling fiberglass rebar to avoid skin irritation or inhalation of dust.

Cut fiberglass rebar using a diamond blade saw or a hydraulic cutter. Do not use abrasive wheels or torches as they may damage the resin coating or create sparks.

Bend fiberglass rebar using a mandrel bender with a minimum bend radius of six times the bar diameter.

Store fiberglass rebar in a dry and shaded area away from direct sunlight, heat sources or chemicals.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and the design specifications for the spacing, placement, cover and anchorage of fiberglass rebar. 



Fiberglass rebar is a new and innovative product that offers many advantages over steel rebar in concrete reinforcement. It is stronger, lighter, rustproof, non-conductive and code-approved. It can be used in various applications that require durability, performance and cost-effectiveness. Fiberglass rebar is a product that can help you build better and faster.

Production Process

  • Pultrusion Profile Equipment

    Pultrusion Profile Equipment

  • Fiberglass placed on a shelf

    Fiberglass placed on a shelf

  • Profile mold debugging

    Profile mold debugging

  • Profile cutting

    Profile cutting

  • Profile punching

    Profile punching

  • Profile cutting details control

    Profile cutting details control

  • Profile inspection

    Profile inspection

  • Profile packaging

    Profile packaging


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