FRP pultusion profile mould manufacturing workshop

FRP pultusion profile mould manufacturing workshop

Jun / 12 / 2023

Our company has strong technical force, complete processing equipment, and a group of management and technical personnel with rich production experience and professional level. The main equipment includes 3 gantry processing centers, 10 high-speed CNC milling machines, 5 engraving machines, 2 EDM machines, 3 wire cutting equipment, and more than 30 sets of various processing equipment such as milling, turning grinding and drilling.


Experienced technical personnel, high-end precision processing equipment, to provide you with reasonable advice and technical support, to build brilliant together!

  • Engineer mould design

    Engineer mould design

  • Profile mould debugging

    Profile mould debugging

  • Rough embryo leveling

    Rough embryo leveling

  • Mold CNC machining

    Mold CNC machining

  • Mould punching

    Mould punching

  • Surface grinding

    Surface grinding

  • Cavity inner wall polishing

    Cavity inner wall polishing

  • Mold chrome

    Mold chrome

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